The Best Adjustable Bed Frames for a Custom Night’s Sleep

2022-12-17 13:27:15 By : Ms. Albee Tan

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The Best Adjustable Bed Frames for a Custom Night’s Sleep

It’s official: adjustable bed frames have gone mainstream. Once relegated to hospitals and late-night infomercials, beds that allow you to elevate your head and feet into various positions to increase comfort when reading, relieve back pain or combat snoring are now marketed by pretty much every major player in the mattress game. With so many options now available — and with prices routinely in the $1,000+ range — it’s important to digest all of the relevant information before investing in a power bed for your bedroom. This guide will help you do just that.

The most important aspect to consider when picking out an adjustable bed is determining what settings are offered. Can the head and feet be adjusted independently? How much control do you have over the angles, and how easy are they to control (i.e., is there a remote, an app or is voice control offered)? Are there specific settings like Zero Gravity for pressure relief or Anti-Snore that take the guesswork out of making your adjustments? Does the bed offer the ability to go flat with the push of a single button? Is there an option for two sleeping partners to adjust their own side separately (typically seen in a CA Split King option)? There are tons of considerations to make here, so figuring out how you’ll use your bed is important when making your decision.

The adjustable bed frames of today often offer much more than just the ability to adjust your sleeping position. Many also come with additional luxury features, like massage functions, integrated USB ports for charging your phone, under-bed LED lighting to illuminate your nighttime bathroom trips, automatically-adjusting smart features and wall-hugging technology that keeps the head of your bed against the wall even when rising are some of the standout features to look out for.

Adjustable bed frames are not universal. Some are tailored to work only with foam beds, while others can accommodate hybrids and traditional innerspring mattresses. You’ll need to know what type of mattress you have before picking up a power bed, so that you can make sure your new frame will work with your mattress. Pro tip: buying an adjustable bed that’s the same brand as your mattress is generally an easy way to guarantee compatibility.

Another consideration you’ll have to make is whether or not you’ll want to use your adjustable bed frame with your existing frame. Some power beds are meant to sit inside or even on top of an existing frame, allowing you to keep the aesthetics of your current bed frame while adding adjustability. Others will only work as a standalone frame, while still others offer the option of being used both on their own or in conjunction with an existing frame. You’ll need to decide what works best for your bedroom.

You're no doubt already familiar with Casper's mattresses, and the brand's Adjustable Base Max is the way to get the most out of their popular foam beds. The base is a strong competitor, with most of the features you'd expect at this price point, including one-touch Zero-G and Anti-Snore settings, under-bed lighting, integrated USB charging, two memory settings, 4-zone massage and wall-hugging tech. There's even an available headboard bracket for $45, however, you're going to need an exterior bed frame to use this one properly, which is an added expense, and it won't work with an innerspring bed.

While most power beds cost well over a grand, that isn't the case with Lucid's L300 on Amazon. In spite of its low cost, it still manages to bring a lot to the table. For less than $650 for a queen-size, you're getting an independent head incline up to 58 degrees, an independent foot incline up to 40 degrees, USB charging, a memory setting and a wireless remote that doubles as a flashlight. Sure, you're missing out on some of the fancier features like massage and one-touch specialty settings, but you can't really argue with the price — especially since this is compatible with all mattress types.

If you want your bed to do the work for you, then Tempur-Pedic's Tempur-Ergo Smart Base is the way to go. This highly-advanced power bed uses AI sensors to track your sleep and adjust accordingly throughout the night. If it senses you snoring, it will automatically adjust to an anti-snore position. It also offers you feedback on how you can improve your sleep by tracking everything from your heart rate to your sleep modes to the environment of your bedroom. In addition, you're getting all of the one-touch positions, USB charging, underbed lighting and massaging you'd expect at this price, plus voice integration with Alexa and Google Home. There's a lot going on, with a lot of personal information involved, which may be overkill for some users.

Puffy's Adjustable Base is one of the industry's most recommended for a reason: it simply ticks off a lot of boxes and does so at a fair price. For less than $1,400 for a queen-size, you're getting dual-zone massage, LED lighting, a wireless remote and one-touch Zero-G. You also get niceties like compatibility with every mattress type, adjustable legs, free shipping and a lifetime warranty. It does lack a few features, like an anti-snore setting, and it's pretty ugly for a standalone frame. But for the features-to-cost ratio, it's tough to beat.

The premium version of Layla's Adjustable Base is packed to the gills with features. Wall-hugging tech? You got it. One-touch Anti-Snore and Zero-G settings? Done. Underbed lighting, 4-way adjustable legs, head and foot massage? Check, check and check. Lalya is also a standout choice for couples, as it offers four USB ports — two on each side — so you'll never be arguing with your partner over charging cords. Plus, if you opt for the CA Split King option, you're getting two remotes so each person can control their side independently. Or, if you like, you can connect the included sync cable and have both sides work together with one remote. The Adjustable Base Plus is also controllable via Alexa or Google Home, but know you'll need two separate devices with two different names if you want to use a virtual assistant to control each side independently.

Brooklyn Bedding's Ascension Ultra is the thinnest power bed on the market, but despite its slightness, it boasts one of the highest weight capacities around at 850 lb. There's also an ergonomic extension seat built into the design that's meant to keep wear and tear on your mattress at a minimum. This bed is all about convenience, as not only does it feature one-touch settings for Zero-G and Anti-Snore, but also for TV watching, plus two memory presets. Underbed lighting and a built-in flashlight in the wireless remote mean you'll never stub your toe in the dark (not a guarantee), and a built-in power down battery box means the bed's energy consumption will be ultra-efficient. On the downside, Brooklyn Bedding's offering only works with foam and hybrid mattresses, so if you sleep on a traditional spring bed you'll have to look elsewhere.

Designed to be used with Nectar's own memory foam mattresses, the bed-in-a-box brand's adjustable frame is a solid offering for those who like the feel of memory foam. It's one of the easiest power beds on the market to set up, boasting a quick tool-free assembly, and its legs' height can be adjusted to suit your needs. It also, despite its low price (it's frequently on sale), offers most of the bells and whistles we've come to expect — and then some. There are USB chargers ... four of them. There's a massage function ... with two zones, three modes and three intensities. There are one-touch settings for more than three modes. It offers so much that it's a shame it isn't compatible with more mattress types.

Saatva makes our favorite mattress, so it's no wonder they also make a great adjustable frame. The Adjustable Base Plus delivers the ultimate luxury sleeping experience thanks to its killer massage function. In addition to the typical dual-zone head and foot massages, Saatva also offers a full-body wave massage for deep relaxation. The bed also, quite uniquely, can be used without its legs and set on top of an existing platform bed, making it a great option for those who love their current frame but are looking to add some adjustability. Disappointingly though, Saatva's offering isn't compatible with all Saatva mattresses, which is somewhat odd. Also, if you want the Upper-Flex option that allows you to adjust each head side independently, be prepared to pay a lot for the upgrade — $900, to be exact.

Avocado is all about using sustainable and organic products in its quest to become a zero-waste company (they've already achieved carbon-negative status), and naturally, its Eco Pro Adjustable Base is no exception. Designed as a standalone bed, it's fully upholstered with GOTS organic certified wool and cotton and sits on reclaimed wood legs made from solid oak. But just because it looks nice and is nature-friendly doesn't mean it skimps on features. The bed includes handsome brass-covered USB ports, LED lighting, wall-hugging tech, massage and loads of pre-set adjustments. It also boasts a full edge-to-edge lumbar support system, ensuring that those suffering from lower back pain can find relief no matter where they settle into the bed. This bed offers a whole lot, but it doesn't come cheap. A queen bed without a headboard tips the scales at a wallet-busting $2,649 — a full two grand more than our affordable pick from Lucid.

The Best Adjustable Bed Frames for a Custom Night’s Sleep

Metal Loft Bed Frame With Desk As one of the biggest (and most unique) bed-in-a-box retailers there is, it's no shock that Purple makes an adjustable bed. What is shocking is how good it looks. Purple's power bed sits on a thin-edge gray upholstered base with sleek wooden peg legs, and it looks fantastic as a standalone bed — especially if you attach a headboard using the optional bracket. Don't like the looks? It also fits within most existing frames, so that's no problem either. What is a problem is the overall lack of features. While Purple's bed does have USB ports on both sides, a wireless remote, and presets for Zero-G, Anti-Snore and even Sitting, it lacks features found in similarly-priced competitors, like massage, underbed LED lighting and app control. It's also worth noting that if you opt for the CA Split King option, both sides are operated with the same remote, meaning you'll have to share (and potentially wake up your partner in the middle of the night if it's on their side).